K1 Kick Boxing SA
K1-SOUTH AFRICA  was established on 27 October 2012 in Midrand with one goal to focus only on one style of KICKBOXING- K1 in its genuine 2 basic modes:K1 full contact mode and K2 light contact mode and K2 full contact special rules mode. K1 mode fighters play in the ring,while K2 light mode,and K2 full contact mode special rules fighters play on TATAMI or in the ring. What is the purpose of K2 light mode and K2 full contact special rules mode?The small difference in rules which on first place is putting fighters safety at utmost importance  at the same time trying to keep sport as effective and fast as it is.K2 light and K2 full contact special rules are not allowing knee to the head but allowing only to body.Those who know history of K1 they should know that most of the K1 GRAND PRIX winers( heavy weight)were from Holland, including Branko Cikatic -he is Croatian born but,he lived and trained in Chackuriki in Holland.And what is their style:European old Thai boxing style but now-days they just call it with one name KICKBOXING. K1 rules allowing fighters from all different stand up sports as karate, kung fu,teakwondo,muay thai, savate, boxing,to cross their fist under one set of rules K1 KICKBOXING RULES. K1 rules in general allowing all boxing and all kicking techniques (including knee)to all three target areas-head, body and legs,EXCLUDING elbow strikes, throws and grappling. Elbows are taken out because of prevention of injuries,and we all know how boxing is fast and effective!And throwing techniques and grappling are taken out to keep fighters busy and action fast and explosive.REST IS STRATEGY! I must admit that 1992 when I came to this county not many people new about European Thai Boxing even less about K1. K1 officialy have started 1993 when Mr.Kazauyoshi Ishii had launched it in Japan.Europeans especially Dutch and French have been practising it for years having their own so called EUROPEAN SUPER-LEAGUE.In South Africa there were many pioneers that braved to take new challenge and new sport and make their own,But during the time thair passion faded under the influence of new frenzy “Ultimate Fighting”or suppression of different kickboxing organisational discriminating politics. WE K1-KICKBOXING SOUTH AFRICA decided to replenish the fire to refeed the flame and to keep the fire Going and our sport live and running despite all the odds. K1kickboxingSA is internationally affiliated to WPKA who is only organisation still grooming K1 in its original shape as amateur kickboxing sport among  the others. K1kickboxingSA is also having cooperation with other internationally organisations and promotions who in their structure promoting K1 sport as their primal game. Other affiliations:ISDO International Self Defence Organisation and WTA World Trainers Association Under ISDO International Self Defence Organisation we cater for MMA1 and MMA2 and SELF -DEFENCE (Unarmed combat Armed Combat.Our MMA1 is fullcontact  type of mix martial arts fighting and MMA2 is our light contact type of fighting.Our main goal is developing fighters skills while at the same time keeping them safe while they enjoin this very demanding sport. Among our clubs we got variety of different styles some of them still practising traditional forms and weapons.We encouraging them to keep their traditions and express them self by giving them opportunity to compete in their own field making our competitions even more interesting.

For more information  on our organisation please contact:
Mladen Bobic 0721390839   President of K1kickboxingSA
mbsavate @gmail. com
Gert Nel          0824284333   Secretary General
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Joseph Moloi   083951386     Vice President
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